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Billings Farm

Explore one of the finest operating dairy farms in America and a museum of Vermont's rural past - your gateway to Vermont's rural heritage. Billings Farm features many aspects of farm work, including care of the Jersey cows and other livestock, milking of the herd, crop rotation, and feed production.
Today's farm operation includes nearly 250 acres of cultivated land, almost 200 acres are actively cropped. We grow both corn silage and alfalfa, as well as several types of grass hay. Currently, the farm is home to approximately seventy-five registered Jerseys. Other livestock on the farm include four Percheron draft horses, two oxen and a small flock of Southdown sheep. During the summer and fall we also raise a dozen chickens of various heritage breeds.

Brendas Wedding Blog

Introducing . . . Customized Wedding Creations - 19 May 2009, 7:30 am

Cherin, owner of Customized Wedding Creations emailed recently to introduce me to her company that specializes in "creating custom, hand-painted aisle runners for weddings and events at prices designed not to break the bank". For those that are looking for a bit bling, Customized Wedding Creations also offers the option of adorning the aisle runner with either rhinestones or genuine Swarovski crystals.